Love Your Work

Delivering great digital communication & learning experiences
that radically increase employee engagement.

StoryShare Platform


A communication experience platform that makes news and content highly interactive, fun, relevant & personalised.

  • Designed and optimised for mobile
  • Fast delivery of personalised and on-demand content
  • Put your employees in control of what they read, when they read it, and how they read it
  • Powerful insight that enables you to tailor your content, to your audience, in real-time
  • Go live in under 24 hours
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Specifically designed to deliver bite-sized, customised & gamified learning that’s fun, engaging and meaningful for every individual.

  • An app that puts employees in control - accessing learning when they need it, wherever they need it
  • New content can be pushed out instantly with the impact easily analysed & understood
  • In-depth learning through bite-size content
  • On-demand personalised learning through an easy-to-use mobile platform

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Develop bespoke mobile apps with speed and an experience users will love.

  • Fast deployment of new apps
  • Easy and quick to make changes
  • Take control in-house
  • Low code app development platform
  • Optimised for mobile in every sense
  • Device agnostic

Our Clients

Lotus Award Winner 2017
Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards 2017
Melcrum Summit and SCM Awards 2013