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Who are Your Unreachables?

An Unreachable is a deskless worker or anyone that struggles to access your information.

Whether that’s someone on the shop floor who doesn’t have a corporate ID or laptop, or someone that’s on a high-speed train on their way to a business meeting. It’s not just the person but the also the situation. 

Chances are that these are your front-line workers, representing your brand and your organisation - help them make the impression that counts for your business. Give them access to micro-learning tools and resources on the go with StoryShare Learn.

Help me reach my unreachables

Reach your business goals by creating better learning experiences for ALL of your employees.

Content Authoring

Create, tag, manage, distribute and track digital learning assets such as videos, articles & quizzes

Learner Experience

Mobile app, desktop, kiosk and embedded interfaces to fit with your people’s schedule.

Knowledge Centre

On demand learning and communication resources that can be accessed at anytime and anywhere.

Companies investing in learning and engaging their people are winning.








Licensed Users


Give your employees content they need when they need it

Engaged employees positively impact organisations

Achieving engagement and reach is all about providing tailored and relevant content to your people based on their personas and how they’re most likely to interact with your learning experience. We need to ensure that we maximise the opportunity for those people to access learning throughout the day.


Help me reach my unreachables
StoryShare Learn

Deskless workers want a new approach

Training doesn’t have to be a task! Make learning fun and engaging for your team! Users earn Points and are awarded badges through content completion. Use progress bars and Leaderboards (Monthly and all time) to help promote completionism.

Present your learning in an easily consumable structure that sets the path for your desk-less learners.

Make learning checks fun by using quizzes to test users on the knowledge they are gaining. There are no limits to the number of questions or the number of answers that can be made during creation. Answers are shuffled each time and are all available offline - so your learners don’t have to worry about losing information when they lose network!

The average notification is interacted with within 5 seconds. Get your mobile workforce engaged in learning on a consistent basis with push notifications.

Add your assets, whether they be video, image, podcast, document or other digital learning to a single area, allowing them to be utilised in your learning content.

Make sure your content is accessible to your whole workforce. Easily create different language versions of your content through the StoryShare authoring experience and bring translated learner assets to your workforce.

Lack of wifi? Data plan worries? No internet at all? Access your content offline whether travelling on the tube or on top of a mountain! Or just don’t want it to use any of your mobile data - StoryShare is there.

Easy integration with any SAML 2.0 identity provider such as  Optimal Cloud, Microsoft ADFS... etc.

Excel outputs. Power BI outputs. Points, completions, pageviews, total active users. Find all this out with StoryShare learn reporting and analytics. Set up to your own Google Analytics and Business Information tools with our easy integrations.

We’re always creating new features for our clients. If you’d like a new feature that we don’t currently have, let our team know and we will see what we can do!

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