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Chris Lloyd

Chris is the superman of systems engineers. His focus is on scaling enterprise app development to enable customers to confront their workplace challenges head-on. On the rare occasions he’s not coding, you’ll find him volunteering his time at the STEM Ambassador programme.

Top 7 Features of StoryShare Learn 5.0 and what's coming soon

We’re really excited to launch StoryShare 5.0! In this new release, we have added some exciting new features that will make your learning experience better with every click. Here’s a round-up of the top 7 features and how you can benefit from them...

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Top 3 Benefits for StoryShare and Microsoft Teams Integration

StoryShare’s latest integration with Microsoft Teams allows you to access all your learning content, without leaving the app. According to Fosway Group - Europe’s No 1 HR Analyst - 84% of L&D leaders think integrating digital learning into other...

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The 3 Ways StoryShare Learn Salesforce Integration Supports Onboarding

At StoryShare we’re focused on the future and getting back into the swing of what will be the new normal. 

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