Doing Mobile Right : Focus on Content and User Experience

Taking your learning offering mobile is less about the technology but more about the content and the experiences you’re looking to create.


The reason consumer apps like Instagram work so well on mobile is that both the content and the experience has been created for users in a mobile scenario - small screen, limited time and little patience. You don’t see Instagram stories of 30 minutes in length, thank god!

If you’re using a traditional SCORM-based LMS solution that’s been around prior to cloud-computing, chances are you’re going to struggle to pivot with a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to reach the modern learner (with speed and variety) and the remote deskless worker (with access and simplicity).

There’s certainly a place for the administration and management of the multiple learning options and mediums available - the core. Extending just enough of this core capability, with other specialist ecosystem partners will make the most of any investment you’ve already made. Mobility is all about ensuring that the right digital learning content and experience you wrap around that content reach the right audience so that it has the desired effect.

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Don’t make mobile learning an afterthought, pushing something out just because you have it, which will probably cause more damage than good if it doesn’t fit your people’s needs.

If you’d like to know more about the science of delivering mobile learning solutions, click below to download our report Learning is not an Island: and neither is the technology that supports it created in collaboration with Fosway group.

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