How to engage deskless employees with mobile experiences

how to engage deskless employees

Across the global workforce there are 2.7 billion people who can be described as deskless or who work remotely (i.e. not in an office with desktop access).

How to engage deskless employees with mobile experiences 

Working away from a traditional office environment, when you look at this number concentrated across eight industries, they break down as follows: 

  • Agriculture employs 858 million of them, 
  • Education 226 million, 
  • Healthcare 148 million, 
  • Retail 497 million, 
  • Restaurants and Hospitality 122 million, 
  • Manufacturing 427 million, 
  • Transportation and Logistics 189 million, 
  • Construction 265 million. 

These employees work remotely and often do not have constant access to a corporate intranet or other traditional workplace communication tools. Additionally some employees will be based on site and will use their customers email address and therefore have little or no engagement with their actual employer. 

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Finding a way to communicate with a disparate workforce is critical for creating a productive work environment. But for many businesses, solving the challenge has been difficult.

How can a company solve the issue of engaging and enabling their remote and deskless workers? 

Companies should look at communicating directly to their employees with relevant and timely content. The easiest way to improve the communication experience for employees is by putting the right information in their hands – on their mobile devices.

Mobile-first technology solutions can streamline communications and learning across internal organisations. They can be accessed whenever and wherever, which is perfect for large or disparate workforces. Having all the information you need to do your job in your pocket ready to go, can transform productivity and efficiency.

The StoryShare platform allows you to create the right digital experiences for your people. Having a mobile-first strategy with an intelligent content delivery system allows the distribution of relevant and tailored content to the right people at the right time, on any device.

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