How to pitch learning in the flow (FLO) to your CEO in one slide

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We recognize that for learning to really happen, it must fit around your employees and align itself to their working lives and be easily accessible through the apps that they live in. Rather than think of corporate learning as a destination, it’s now becoming something that comes to us.

If you haven't already implemented a learning in the flow of work strategy, the challenge then becomes pitching the idea to your CEO and getting buy-in. To facilitate this and get you started, we have put together 3 key points you could use to pitch to your CEO.

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1. On-demand learning

On Demand Learning 1

The vast majority of us already use some type of on-demand product or service, for example, everyday activities and uses like Netflix and Spotify. Why should learning be any different? Why not have the ability to access a “Netflix like” catalogue of learning content on-demand when you want it in the locations you live in. 

If your team spends the majority of their time working from platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Salesforce for example, then the best place to reach them would be from within the same apps. It speeds up learning, makes it easy to complete and share, but most importantly they can learn in the flow of work whilst doing their day-to-day activities. 

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2. Increase in productivity & skillset


If your team is learning in the flow on the platforms they live in, it makes their personal development and movement of skills evermore adapting to other areas of learning. For example, if you have just released a new product or service that your sales team needs to make themselves familiar with and then sell, learning in the flow will allow them to learn what they need to more conveniently whilst also selling existing products.

In essence, learning in the flow makes your employees more valuable to you as an organisation, but also increases their productivity and skillset.


3. Cost-saving

Financial Growth 1

One of the fundamental points to bring to your CEO when presenting learning in the flow is the time and money it can save through several means. For example, the time you can save from your employees being out of their day-to-day jobs and tasks because they are focussed on learning, without learning in the flow they could end up spending more time than needed in other programs instead of doing the two tasks at once. 

Other examples of when learning in the flow can save you time and money is when your team are travelling, make the most of the downtime and allow them to learn on the go through the apps they love and use every day.

We have mentioned 3 key points which you could take to your CEO to propose FLO. Learning in the flow is the way forward for learning, for most organisations it is the most efficient method of learning which is achieved by allowing learning to happen in the places people live.

This blog was influenced by discussions from our LITFOW report where we asked several industry experts their opinion on learning in the flow of work.

To download the report please click here