StoryShare Learn 5.2 - What's New

We are happy to announce that StoryShare 5.2 is now live! This is a big launch for the StoryShare team and we want to take some time to tell you about the new features added and some improvements - all live and available for you to access right now. 

We have 8 areas to cover, so let’s get straight into it.

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1. Bookmarking

Most of you will be familiar with the bookmarking functionality on your web browsers. We all use them to save websites that are useful to us, that we might come back to in the future, or simply to flag websites that we use everyday and want to access quickly . 

The exact same concept applies to your content in Learn. With this new feature, you are able to bookmark any resource or content you want to access quickly like (Levels, missions, stages, resources). 

Having this functionality allows you to create your own pathways or learning journeys, but also means you can come back to bookmarked content if you couldn't get around to it at the time. Synced across all your devices, you can bookmark on your desktop and complete via mobile on the go.


2. Full content search functionality

Search for any level, mission, stage or resource you like with our new search functionality to quickly access specific content you want to view. With an instant search results page, filter your content as you like. Even if you have completed the learning before, this is the perfect way to locate exactly what you want in a matter of seconds.


3. Personal learning records

Almost like a browser history, you can now see what you have completed or accessed in the past. This can be extremely helpful if you once completed something but have forgotten what it was called, with this feature you can break it down by date and content type to find that piece of information again. It is also a great way to prove how much learning you have done, if you have set a KPI or been given a task to complete X number of missions during a period of time, you have a visual record which you can dive into to show your progress. 


4. Interests

Personal and specific to you, you can now set your interests and be given recommendations as what you could get stuck into next, with the newest and most relevant content at the top. With the flexibility to add, remove, and change your interests at any given time, your learning can now be personalised and accessed in the ‘Interests’ section on Learn. 


5. Block editor improvements

Columns are here! Create even more attractive looking content now with the flexibility of adding columns and tables to your learning. The excitement doesn’t stop there, you can now fully embed your social media channel feeds straight into the block editor, covering all social channels you can now show all your latest tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos etc. in your content. With improvements to layout options and functionality, the block editor has never been better.

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6. Media uploads

Maybe you have a global initiative across all your stores, departments, teams etc. that each need to input on and show their creativity. For example, if you had an internal competition around which store can come up with the best in store display to promote a new product - each user can now upload media items straight to the media library, allowing admins to select the best ones to use and share - great for sharing best practices and educating colleagues.


7. Translations

Supported by multiple languages, if you upload content in a variety of languages Learn will automatically translate the content to the users preferred language. But this isn't just for articles, it will also translate videos and images that have text on them too.


8. Improved security

Lastly, we have made Learn even more secure and have reached the Accenture level of security so you can feel safe and secure with everything you upload and how you access your content via Learn. 


We hope these new features will improve your experience on Learn, if there are any questions on these, please feel free to reach out to us or let us know what you think - we would love to hear your feedback. 

Alternatively, if you would like to see a demo of these in action and how Learn works and can help your organisation - please use the link below to book a demo or consultation.

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