Struggling to think of ways to recognise and reward your employees? Here’s what we do

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It’s no longer enough to simply have a job that pays the bills. Finding meaning and purpose from a job is important.

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the finite nature of time, and if the average adult spends 38-40 hours a week at work, we’ve got to make it count. Employees are seeking meaning from their work. Recognition, appreciation and encouragement are key to building a better business.

Struggling to think of ways to recognise and reward your employees? Here's a few things we do at StoryShare:

The Above and Beyond Award

Each month our team comes together to nominate a colleague to be rewarded for their contributions at work. It’s about publicly recognising the effort an individual has put in, where in many cases they have gone above and beyond their expectations in the role.

Acknowledging their efforts and showing appreciation is a brilliant motivator. It’s also a great way to encourage collaboration across the team.

We reward our exceptional employees (and it can be hard to choose just one), with a memorable gift as a token of thanks.

Flexible Working Hours

Recently there has been a popular debate that a four day working week is the road to a happier and healthier life, but for many companies this simply isn’t an option.

You can give the gift of time another way, by providing flexible working hours.

Breaking traditional 9-5 expectations by offering flexible work options, can make life so much easier. This in turn raises employee satisfaction and helps reduce stress. Rather than worrying about logistical problems like how to make appointments or family commitments, the focus remains on the work in hand. 

Bespoke Learning and Development Plans Which Grow As You Do

How frequently are you checking in with your employees? Are they stuck doing the same job day after day, and in two years time, will they be any more advanced than when they started?

Give employees their own power; ask them what they want to learn and give them the tools to help them grow and succeed in their job.

Building in time to work with people on their own growth and development can’t be done in one meeting. As things progress and advance, any learning and development planning should fit in parallel. At StoryShare we have scheduled meetings between line-managers and employees to update and review learning and development plans as time progresses.

Get insights into what employees want by downloading our free report -  Learning is not an island.

Company Events

Show that you care, and that you’re not just in it for the work. This is about people, as both individuals and teams.

We hold monthly breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and have company away days. All of which allow the team to congregate and share ideas in a much more relaxed setting, and usually over some good food.

The Little Things

It’s the small, everyday things that can make or break a job. Here’s a few top tips to transform company culture:

  • Even if you’ve got a thousand other jobs, remember to say thank you and give credit where credit is due.
  • Good coffee and teas for the office, can transform enthusiasm levels, particularly early in the morning. Remember, not everyone drinks coffee, so a spread of teas, including herbal options and caffeine-free alternatives helps to cater for all tastes.
  • Have a good Internal Comms strategy. To communicate and share knowledge our team uses mobile-first app Connect.
  • Celebrate the good; whether it be new deals, successful launches or individual achievements.
  • Provide fruits and snacks, chocolate for the long days, organise cakes for birthdays and mark seasonal events with something fun. 
  • Valuable and handy perks like discounts are a great offering that anyone can benefit from. We use Perkbox.
  • StoryShare recently started a monthly book club. This is a great space to develop emotional intelligence, foster relationships and improve communication, and it fills commute time.

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