The 3 Ways StoryShare Learn Salesforce Integration Supports Onboarding

salesforce onboarding

At StoryShare we’re focused on the future and getting back into the swing of what will be the new normal. 

Aligned to this, our topic this month is onboarding, the very start of an employee’s learning journey. Whether we’re starting a new job or just learning how things will be different when we return, learning in the flow of work will be crucial to getting things back up to speed as quickly as possible.

So I thought I'd talk about the three key functional benefits of getting learning content into business applications that your people will live in. In this case Salesforce.

1. Interact and consume learning content without leaving the Salesforce application - specific rich media content items can be exposed by adding the provided Lightning Component to any page, meaning your people stay in one application as there’s probably enough going on to worry about navigating away to another application.

2. The lightning experience is supported by the Salesforce mobile app, so that people can pick up wherever they left off regardless of the device they’re using or where they are, perfect for playing catch-up after a long day of trying to take everything in.

3. Integrated authentication to support single-sign-on, because everyone hates it when the content they’re trying to access can’t be played because they’re not signed in. Finding passwords and usernames is tricky at the best of times, even worse when you’re new.

Ensuring that you can track and measure the learning content embedded within Salesforce in the same place you measure other learning success will allow you to analyse what effect it had on the speed at which people were onboarded.

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