Top 3 Benefits for StoryShare and Microsoft Teams Integration

ms teams integration

StoryShare’s latest integration with Microsoft Teams allows you to access all your learning content, without leaving the app. According to Fosway Group - Europe’s No 1 HR Analyst - 84% of L&D leaders think integrating digital learning into other corporate platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Slack, is one of the most important aspects of a learning strategy for remote working.

Here are the top three features which will benefit you and your company. This integration will help you create, strategise, and implement digital learning into your flow of work within Microsoft Teams.


1. In the flow of work


In the current climate, making working from home, or remote working as easy as possible is a must. The use and adoption of Microsoft Teams across organisations has greatly increased too, leading to the need for having all your content needs in one place. 

For organisations that use Microsoft Teams, it is the centre point for all communication - from casual 1-2-1 conversations to company-wide all-hands calls. For StoryShare, it was fundamental to put our Learn and Connect platforms at the fingertips of our users. Whilst you’re using Teams to do your everyday tasks, you can access a variety of content, or complete your training in the Flow of Work in a matter of minutes without leaving the application.

Learn how storyshare can help you get your content in the flow of work


2. Access Real-time content

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What’s great about our integration with Microsoft Teams, is that the content you create and upload is always up to date, any updates made will use the same links as before to remove any confusion and duplicated content. StoryShare apps are very easy to pick up and utilise across the team, in a microlearning/micro-style platform where all you need is in one place. Creating, receiving, sharing, and searching for content are all a click away. For example, if you were to have a colleague attend an event and write a daily roundup, or conduct a live interview - they could upload their content online which the team will immediately be able to access. 

Having content created, and uploaded in real-time could drastically help productivity, which also removes the need for back and forth sharing which can cause confusion and can be time-consuming. Create and share your content with a safe and secure platform.


3. Unsplash integration

Not only do our platforms integrate with MS Teams, but we have also partnered with ‘Unsplash’, one of the World’s leading image libraries with over 1 million free high-resolution images. You will have access to all they have to offer with just a couple clicks, and of course without leaving the Microsoft Teams application.

Use high quality and easy to use images to make your content stand out from the rest, and entice your team to access and complete their tasks all within the StoryShare apps. 

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