Top 3 Benefits of ensuring learning access to your Extended Enterprise

learning access to your ee

We believe that ensuring your extended enterprise has the same secure and seamless access to your learning outside your business as they do inside is highly beneficial to any organisation, here are the top three reasons.

1. Improving Business Processes

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Like any business, you will always want to be improving your processes and the way you do things. Ensuring your extended enterprise has easy access to your learning content allows you to make decisions based on data and results. By giving your extended enterprise access to everything they need allows you to track their performance, see what they’re engaging with, what training courses they are completing etc. this can then help decide where improvements need to be made.

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2. Creating Brand Advocates

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The more people that can promote and speak about your products and services the better. Allowing your extended enterprise to access your learning easily and efficiently can drastically improve your sales. I.E, the more advocates the more sales.

For example, if people in your extended enterprise such as resellers, partners or even customers, have a seamless experience with your product, they can pass on their product knowledge that they have learnt to others, creating a wider opportunity for your business to make sales. Your extended enterprise employees that are trained and equipped with the resources they need and your product benefits are more likely to promote your business.


3. Boosts your retention rate

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Retaining employees comes at a high cost, the best way to beat that is to keep your Extended Enterprise engaged so they stay. Employees are more likely to continue in a job if they feel like they are getting the attention they deserve, which can be delivered through a seamless experience with your technology. Training makes your customers and partners feel more content, helpful, and urges them to be successful in the areas that have previously delayed their progress or halted their success.

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