Top 3 ways an EE learning program can benefit your business

3 uses of extended enterprise learning

Reaching your unreachables in your extended enterprise can drastically improve results for your organisation, from more efficient processes to increased productivity and facilitating growth.

Here are three ways enabling access to your learning content can help your business.


1. A quicker and more efficient onboarding process


An efficient onboarding process is essential for anyone new to your business to get a better understanding of the ins and outs, it is also the key time for them to learn about your business needs, objectives, and the platforms/software you use daily to achieve your goals.

Recognising that work doesn't happen in isolation means that enabling easy access to your onboarding documents and learning for your network of partner relationships outside your business is critical. Extended enterprise learning allows all parties secure access to your content on any device, from anywhere so that everyone that supports your business has the tools and resources that they need to help you grow your business.

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2. Easier Collaboration between teams


Collaboration with your extended enterprise and your internal teams is hugely important. Having everyone on the same page and working together is great for results and reaching your company’s milestone goals. 

The ability to reach and collaborate with other teams opens the door to many opportunities for growth, engagement, learning, and more. Whether it's small groups of remote manufacturers, freelancers or an entire workforce that don’t have corporate log-ins, getting your learning content in the hands of ALL your employees including your extended enterprise is vital to your success and productivity.

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3. Reducing risk


Training your employees on your products and services is key to driving results. By giving your extended enterprise access to your learning content, you ensure that all your third party vendors and partners are as knowledgeable as everyone inside your organisation. This reduces the risk of misrepresentation of your products and services and ensures that the people that are representing you are equipped with the tools they need to be productive and successful in their role.


Reaching your extended enterprise opens the door to numerous possibilities, from better onboarding processes to inter-team collaboration and even reducing risk. The adoption of a successful extended enterprise learning programme can equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need to help you succeed.

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