Top 4 ways StoryShare LCM can help you optimize your learning

lcm optimise learning

StoryShare’s learning content management can help you create multimedia content, curate pathways combining existing content in other platforms, deliver your content on any device and track your end to end user journey. Read how our platform can help you optimise your learning:

1. Create engaging content

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When creating learning content there are so many formats to choose from. You want to make sure you are using the right format for your content, to engage your employees and that's optimized for any device. 

With StoryShare Learn you can use our intuitive content authoring tool to quickly create and notify your employees of new content. Using a variety of content using different formats such as PDFs, PowerPoint, quizzes, games etc. makes learning even more engaging. 

We have minimized the time and effort to create great looking content by integrating Unsplash into our platform, with over a million high-res images just a click away.

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2. Bring all your content together


As organisations grow, you may have content stored on more than one platform which may cause confusion for employees having multiple links to different locations. Where can I find my learning content? Where do I go? 

With StoryShare Learn you can create a centralised location to manage your learning content from third party platforms (like Box) and direct your employees through pathways and missions.

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3. Maximize your reach


Now that you have your content created and curated, you need to deliver that to your employees to the device that they are on and the platform that they live in. 

StoryShare Learn helps deliver your learning content to all your employees, on any device, anywhere. Whether that is on mobile, tablet, laptop or even third party platforms such as Salesforce and Microsoft Teams, we can deliver to the device or platform where your employees live.

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4. Use real-time data to optimize your learning


Once you have delivered the right content to the right people, on the right device, you want to see instant feedback and analytics.  Are your employees opening and engaging with articles, information, and tasks you have assigned to them?

StoryShare Learn gives you Insights at your fingertips, with built in analytics and real-time data, no matter which device or platform your employees use to reach your content.

Be on top of what your employees interact with the most by observing how they are engaging, and what is performing the best through our insights and analytics that integrate with PowerBi. See what's performing well and what's not doing so well and compare and optimise to help you get the best results.

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StoryShare Learn is here to help you reach your audience, and optimize your learning content, making it as user friendly and engaging for your employees as possible.

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