Top 5 Benefits for Learn 365, StoryShare’s Microsoft Teams application

ms teams integration

StoryShare’s latest product "Learn 365" allows you to access all your learning content within Microsoft Teams, without leaving the app. According to Fosway Group - Europe’s No 1 HR Analyst - 84% of L&D leaders think integrating digital learning into other corporate platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Slack, is one of the most important aspects of a learning strategy for remote working.

Here are the top five features which will benefit you and your company. This integration will help you create, strategise, and implement digital learning into your flow of work within Microsoft Teams.


1. Available on Microsoft AppSource


Getting started is easy, the first step is to get in touch with us to help you create a personalised learning experience for your organisation. Accessing our app is simple, install Learn 365 from the Microsoft AppSource and get started on your learning journey.

Get started on your journey


2. Integrated authentication to support single sign-on

Everyone hates it when the content they’re trying to access can’t be played because they’re not signed in. Finding passwords and usernames is tricky at the best of times, we solve that issue for you so that you can have the best learning experience possible without any unwanted interruptions or delays.


3. Increase Engagement

Rather than learning being something that your employees go and do on an external site, why not bring learning to them - in the places they spend the majority of their time during work. The ability to access and complete their learning in a matter of minutes with less hassle is an incentive in itself.

3 steps to maximise engagement

4. Search and share mobile optimised content on the go

This leads us on to sharing content between colleagues, teams, departments and so on. Let’s take Jim for example, if he completes a really good piece of training that he has found insightful, he can quite easily share that content with others who may also find that content useful. Furthermore, you can search for content too, this is a great tool if someone wants some more information on the go through their mobile on a certain topic or to enhance their knowledge.

5. Get real-time analytics


Prove your learning has landed. Prove your learning content has substance. Prove what your people are learning has an impact on the business objectives. Using the intelligence of PowerBi, get real-time reports, dashboards, and data around what is working with your learning content. See where people are dropping off, or how much of a video they have watched and how many times. These deep dive analytics set you up to make changes and dictate what your next steps can be in your organisation's learning journey.

Learn more about PowerBi analytics