Top 7 Features of StoryShare Learn 5.0 and what's coming soon

learn 5.0

We’re really excited to launch StoryShare 5.0! In this new release, we have added some exciting new features that will make your learning experience better with every click. Here’s a round-up of the top 7 features and how you can benefit from them and we give you a sneak peek into what's next on the product roadmap!

1. A content library that is ready to go

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Go1! The Go1 Content Hub is the largest curated eLearning library from the world’s top training providers and they are an established leader in online learning and education. Our integration with them allows you to take away the admin from course creation and to immediately have access to a content library to pick relevant courses that match your business needs. StoryShare Learn and the Go1 allow you to skip the hassle of waiting for content to be created and uploaded by your learning team and directly start seeing the benefits of your learning solution.

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2. Search your whole learning catalogue with ease

Being able to filter your entire catalogue by a single topic area or subject can drastically reduce the time in searching for content and allows you more time to learn. For example, if you want to learn about “Leadership”, by using our search function you can filter your results by missions, resources, levels etc. Find what you want with just one click.


3. Content at your fingertips

Having your learning content in the apps and services your employees use everyday increases the likelihood of engagement with your content, but that also means it is also only a few clicks away in the same applications to keep track of your upcoming tasks and what is left to do. As previously mentioned in the LinkedIn Learning Survey, with time being the issue for most respondents, keeping track of your learning and being able to do so easily boosts your productivity for learning in the flow of work.


4. Make it unique to you

Our StoryShare Learn app allows organisations to personalize the look and feel of their learn app. Bring your app to life with your own colours, logos, and branding to make it unique to your organisation and encourage your users to interact with their learning. Additionally, personalisation can also be done at an individual level, by inputting your job title, department, interests etc. You can be notified with relevant content specific to you and your needs.


5. View all your past, present and future learning

Similar to browser history, Learn allows you to see what content and courses you have accessed or completed before, a great way to share and let others know of any good content you may have come across in the past. You can also see where you got up to with your latest missions and finish what you need to do. Our simple to use bookmarking tool encourages users to save content they find interesting and useful, which they can come back to in the future.


6. Audience feedback

Feedback is a great way to let learning admins know what content is best suited to you, or a specific team - if the content isn’t right for you, let them know. Learn gives you the ability to comment on a resource which is a great way to target the right audience with the right content. Comments are also profanity proof, adaptable to a dozen languages, any bad language will be sent to a queue for learning admins to act upon and not be shown publicly.


7. Push notifications

So you have a great learning system, but how do you get people to interact with your content and get usage rates up? In come push notifications. These allow you to interact directly with your learning audience by sending push-notifications directly to their mobile app to alert them of new content and upcoming completion requirements. If you have a piece of urgent content you only need “Store managers” to complete, using the personalisation, you can send push notifications to that select audience, so only individuals with that title or job role will be sent the notification.

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What’s next for Learn?


Real-time data and reporting

How much time does your Learning admin spend on admin? One of the challenges most organisations face is having real-time data without it using up too much of the admin’s time. Coming to Learn, our reporting tool will allow the learning admins to simply click refresh and get all the latest data without the effort of exporting data from the platform and uploading into reports. The ability for learning admins to pull the data themselves enables mid-large businesses to manage all their data quickly and easily. Our reporting tool will bring what you need to the tools you use such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.


We hope you enjoyed this round-up of our new features and the sneak peek into what's next on the roadmap. Get in touch if there are any features that peak your interest that you would like to discuss.

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