Webinar: Pre-onboarding to Day 1: Making a good first impression

With the world of work changing, people moving jobs and re-skilling never before has people’s pre-onboarding experience been so important.

It’s the first window they get to the company they’re joining, and you know what ‘they’ say - you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!

So to find out more about what makes a great pre-onboarding experience, we thought we’d discuss with our friends at Hired and WordPress VIP, their best practices and real-time experiences on the topic. 

Joining us on Thursday 28 May from 11:00- 45:00 AM (GMT +1) will be Klaus Harris, Director of Enterprise Client Services at WordPress VIP, Grace Robertson, Strategic Partner to Existing Business at Hired, Chris Lloyd CTO and Reg Agyeman CRO at StoryShare.