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Achieving engagement and reach is all about providing tailored and relevant content to your people based on their personas and how they’re most likely to interact with your learning experience. We need to ensure that we maximize the opportunity for those people to access learning throughout the day.

Built as mobile-first, StoryShare Learn works on all devices (old and new), small in size so it doesn’t take up all of your storage and works offline, so your people don’t use their own data. We even work on feature phones!

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Learning is not an island

And neither is the technology that supports it.

Bring Your Own Device initiatives are considered one of the biggest accelerators of digital transformation for businesses, especially for learning technology. Despite this, sceptics still argue that people won’t use their own devices for work, but has anyone actually ever asked their people?

Rather than continue fuelling the fictional and ever-growing speculation around this topic, we thought we’d ask the general population their thoughts to settle this once and for all.

This report includes the results of original research and contributions from Europe’s #1 HR Industry Analyst Fosway Group.

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